“Being a runner and now a bicyclist who fell and received several injuries, I have to say, I would not be exercising today if I didn’t go to Noonan Physical Therapy & Associates.  Mike Noonan and his staff are the best!  I highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking professional physical therapy.  I have known Mike for 30 years; he and his staff have kept me on my path to a healthy, active lifestyle.  In addition, we refer all of our injured employees to Noonan Physical Therapy & Associates.  I’ve found that they heal quicker and return to work sooner.  My experience with Mike and his staff has been outstanding.  Congratulations to Mike and his associates for a job well done!”


–Jim Click

Jim Click Automotive Group

“I want to thank you for all your help with my hip flexors. I sincerely appreciated all your time, kindness and expertise. I would highly recommend you and your staff to my friends and family! ”


–Kerri Strug

Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast

K. Strug 2016

“THANK YOU NOONAN PHYSICAL THERAPY!  Because of you I was able to play 50 consecutive games of volleyball.  In March 2016 I was a patient.  You worked with me, gave me LOTS of exercises and encouraged me.  I faithfully did the exercises for six months, plus about once, twice a week for another year.  At the Huntsman World Games for Senior Athletes I played two, four day sessions of volleyball.  The first was women 65 and over.  I was the oldest on our team by 5 years.  There were 15 teams and we played 26 games.  We beat top-ranked Brazil in the final match in two games!  Brazil has been the gold recipient for years.  This was a big win for Legacy 70!

–B. Carlsen

“I injured my back many years ago. Over the years I have tried many Massage Therapists. My MD referred me to NPTA and I was contacted by Michelle, the Office Manager regarding scheduling appointments. Michelle did an OUTSTANDING job coordinating and facilitating the appointments. Several times she went way beyond expectations to make sure I was taken care of with treatments, services and final approval of insurance, which took lots of time and commitment to get approved prior to massage appointments.

Jen Quick provided fabulous therapy and helped to relieve my severe back pain. She was very concerned and attentive to my needs and care. She was friendly, courteous and professional.

I highly recommend Noonan for their professional expertise in providing services to customer satisfaction and putting the client first. They were extremely attentive, cooperative and efficient in all my dealings.”

— Ken W.


“To Mike, Kim, Jen and all of you in this excellent place of recovery:

I came here (several times) broken, in need of repair.

Your chosen vocation is to “repair the world” one person at a time. (A cool Jewish Mantra, BTW.) Being attentive, optimistic, highly skilled and giving me tools again. For your good company if nothing else…

From My Heart “


–Miriam G.


“Last February was when I scooted in to your amazing little gym. Wondering if my block of a foot would ever become less like wood and get beyond the scooter and the boot. Now here we are months later in June and it seems that exercise has overcome . Gone are scooters, walkers and boots. The foot now walks, moves and even wears regular shoes. There aren’t enough thanks that can be said and it is amazing what has been done. Thanks to your help and a lot of fun. My foot functions and the battle has been won.”


— Nancy K.

Southeast - crop

“I always knew if I ever had to have PT that I would choose Noonan’s because of the awesome help you’ve given my husband both times he came for therapy.

As a caregiver, I have taken many clients to various PT offices in Tucson. I have to say, Noonan’s far exceeds any place I have visited!

I am so PLEASED with the help you have given me these past weeks. I am particularly impressed with everyone’s helpful attitude and willingness to go the extra mile and help me outside the written plan if I had a special question or need.

I hope you all know what a wonderful opportunity you have to help people with their pain and make this world a better place. Thanks for helping me!”


–Kathy S.

“I couldn’t be happier with my improvement. The pain is almost completely gone. I’ve learned the exercises I’ll need to continue my improvement and to ensure that my knees stay strong and injury free. I’ve also learned how to modify my routine at the gym so I won’t be in danger of over-training again. The advice I received will allow me to continue to manage my exercises and activities to remain free of injury and pain in the future.”


— K. Hort

Joe. F.

“I am writing to thank you and to tell you how much I appreciate your important role in my recovery from multiple knee surgeries last year.   Your friendly and encouraging staff helped me on my way to a speedy recovery.  Mike, Roberto and Emily were all wonderful to work with, and all of your assistants and office staff were great.  I appreciate all of your helpful answers to my questions, even when most of them were really just me asking if the pain and weakness would ever end.  You seemed to have just the right balance of working with me yet letting me know that I had to do my part, on my own, as well. Even when I threw you a curve ball and said: Oh by the way, I’ll be having the procedures repeated on the other knee in a few months, you were able to give me great advice to help me prepare.

The end result was beyond my expectation!  As far as I can tell, the stability problems are completely resolved.  Even now, over a year later, I still see subtle improvements as the months go by.  And as I continue to work to regain my strength, and learn to trust my knees, I continue to be amazed by the improvement.

Now that it has been a little over a year, I thought I’d fill you guys in on some of the things you’ve help make possible.  I’ve continued to enjoy the more active lifestyle which convinced me to have surgery in the first place; however, I now have far fewer restrictions and far less worry about how my knees will react.  In the last year, I’ve found myself doing things I never thought were options prior to the surgeries and recovery.  Among other things, I’ve hiked Colorado’s Pike’s Peak, a 12.6 mile trail to the top with a more than 7,500 ft gain (hiked up and back down in the same day).  I completed my first half marathon (The 2013 Bereley Half Marathon; see the enclosed picture) with a surprisingly good time of 2:02:15.  And I’ve continued to enjoy the sport of rock climbing.  I’m not competitive by any means, just a ‘weekend warrior’ looking to stay active with the occasional challenge, and I truly appreciate your role in helping me get back on my feet!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that you have made a difference. Thank you so very much.”


— Joe F.

“I train in Shuri-ryu karate and I was working towards the goal of earning my brown belt. I am in my 50’s and the years of practicing kicks, rolls, falls, strikes and punches were taking its toll. I was struggling with poor mobility and pain in my shoulders and then later on, pain in my hip and lower back. I was unable to maintain the training schedule necessary to progress. Rusty helped me with strengthening and stretching exercises that helped me to overcome the discomfort. Due to Rusty’s therapy and his recommendations for a daily exercise routines, I have been able to continue my work in martial arts and keep all of my joints functioning and pain free. This past October, I was able to successfully test for my advanced 3rd degree brown belt in karate. Many thanks to Rusty and Noonan Physical Therapy.”


— Victoria Y.

Southeast - crop
Southeast - crop

” I had a total right knee replacement in early June. I started physical therapy at the Noonan’s Houghton Road location that same week. After several weeks as the pain from the surgery dissipated I noticed a lot of discomfort in the muscles on the back of my leg. I felt this soft tissue tightness was hindering my progress with extension and flexion of the leg. I spoke with my therapist about a therapeutic massage and she referred me to Jen at the Noonan’s Pima Road location. I truly feel that first massage was a pivotal point in my recovery. I could not believe the relief it provided in addressing the tight muscles. I also found that I was not as miserable with the constant strain and discomfort. I have since had two additional massages and have seen a significant improvement in my extension and flexion of the leg. The massage therapy provided by Jen was well worth the money, time and travel.”

Elaine celebrated her 100th birthday with us by leg pressing 80 pounds, proving physical fitness can be improved at any age!


” Noonan Physical Therapy is the BEST in the Tucson Area! When I was there they stayed with me to make sure I continued to complete the program right and to correct any wrong movements. I have been to many therapy offices and this is the only one that ever made me feel that therapy is important!”

– Sue M.

“Six months ago I developed tight tendons in my upper right shoulder.  It became painful to do daily tasks, like showering, dressing, reaching back for wallet or cell phone, and reaching to the back seat of the car.  When raising my right arm above 90 degrees, the pain would reach 8 out of 10 and I would see stars.  After six weeks with Noonan, I have nearly full range of motion and pain under 2 out of 10.”

–Kris S.

Southeast - crop
Southeast - crop

“Kari and staff are fantastic.  I received one on one attention each appointment and was shown a variety of different exercises and stretches.  I have used other PT providers in the past and was very disappointed.  I highly recommend Noonan PT.”

–Greg H.

“I had knee pain from a hard fall on concrete. The evaluation, clear explanation, tailored therapy, and close supervision were outstanding. Mark Winkleman and assisted by Roberto Ozuna. I have seen a significant improvement. Many thanks!”

-Brian F.


“I was prescribed physical therapy for a pinched nerve, and was nervous about the process…YET from the moment I walked through these doors, this staff was attentive to me.

Rusty explained to me EVERYTHING that would happen, what was happening with my back.  Each time I come in, I am treated like a human being, and we take things at my pace. I am pushed, but only to what I can truly handle… as a result, have had great success in treatment.

I recommend this office to anyone needing PT.  Great staff. Shannon at the front desk will make it happen.  You won’t go wrong working with Rusty, Roberto or Phillip… I haven’t worked with AJ directly but he seems cool too…

Definitely a must if you are receiving PT.”

–Mark A.

“I am profoundly grateful to Rusty Foxe for teaching me how to become virtually pain free (and without pain medication) after 2 back surgeries. I Had little hope I would be able to resume the active life style I love, but it is doable again.  Rusty, thank you so much for this second chance. ”

-Oksana S.


BEST physical therapy I have ever had. Truly professional staff who showed knowledge, compassion and dedication. Their efforts made all the difference.”

— Raymond C.

“My husband and I have used Noonan’s in the past, with great results. This time is no different.  After only 3 sessions, there is a noticeable change in my elbow.  The entire staff are professional and friendly.  Thanks to the Staff at Noonan’s, I’m getting full use of my elbow.  From the office personnel to the well trained therapist, Noonan is the only PT I trust.  ”

-Barbara M.

Southeast - crop

“I am so happy that my primary care doctor referred me to Noonan Physical therapy. I had hurt my lower back and in one month, under the care of Dr. Kylie and her associates, my back was feeling so much better. If I ever need any physical therapy again this is where I’ll come.”

— Lana D.

“I was totally satisfied with the care I received.  Everyone was so knowledgeable and helpful.  Would definitely come back again if I need help. ”

-Pat D.

Southeast - crop
Southeast - crop

“I am so happy with the results I’ve had. Now I can do so many things I couldn’t do before, like reaching for things on high shelves; also able to carry my groceries and water can.  It’s so nice to be able to sleep now; before I couldn’t lay on either shoulder.  It’s so nice just to be able to do things myself.  Thanks!.”

— Judith H.

“What can I say; Noonan PT has put the “care” back in healthcare.  From my amazing therapist Kari, to all the assistants, I always feel like I am the most important person in the room.  I have been worked on at Noonan for a cervical fusion, dead arm and now rotator cuff and bicep.  Always have full recovery.  I love everyone at Noonan!!”

-Holly M.

Southeast - crop
Southeast - crop

“I came to Noonan with severe neck pain just as I was leaving for a two week vacation.  The practice fit me in and Emily gave me tremendous relief!!  I followed up for four more sessions with Emily and each time I felt better and better!  Daniel and Susana were great too.  Very satisfied!  I would recommend this PT practice.  Thank you.”

— Marilyn B.

“Started our with very restricted range of motion.  Therapy restored my recovery back to 90-95% of normal.  Enjoyed my time getting my range of movement restored.”

-David D.

Southeast - crop
Southeast - crop

“I have been to several PT places in Tucson and Noonan PT on Houghton Rd is TOP RATE.  Every single person from Susana the receptionist, Kari the owner and my PT, to Becca her assistant, were caring professional and entertaining, making each visit fly by.  I left each session felling better both mentally and physically.  Physical Therapists play an important role in the rehab and quality of life of surgery patients. Thank you so much to Kari and her great staff for helping me get back on my feet.”

— Luba W.

“I would really like to thank you guys!  I was really hurt when I started here and I am good now.  Emily, Carlitos, Nicole, Kari, Rebecca and Susana you all are AWESOME.”

-Carmen F.

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